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Collecting Art for the Heart
for investment or pleasure


Some folks say to collect art for the investment, I say collect it for your heart.

What is art? Does looking at it make you happy? Does it evoke a sense of emotion? Why not include that in your living space?

We buy other things that make us happy. We go to antique stores and buy pretty little dishes, depression glass, antiques, etc. We buy pottery to enjoy, to use in our everyday life. We don’t necessary think of them as an investment. We buy ‘stuff’ that makes us happy.

When you buy art, why not think of it purely from an emotion based purchase? Does it make you happy? Does it grab you? Is it something you would like to live with?

I recently read an article about collecting art for an investment, verses for pure pleasure. My question, is why would you buy art, that perhaps you don’t like, only for the investment? In that case you may as well stick it in your closet for the next several years, until it goes up in value.

We have a beautiful collection of art. It’s small by comparison to other collections but we love it just the same and we never get tired of it. Each painting was acquired by an artist that we personally know and admire. Most of these artists we consider our friends. Our collection hangs in the dining room, where we can admire it every time we sit down for a meal. I often find myself looking at a piece, like I am seeing it for the first time.

In the photo above I have a lovely glass vase by Robert Held Glass, a pottery bowl from my cousin Barb Schaefer and a portrait of Chace by my friend and pastel artist Susan White.

I love having a connection to those who purchase my art. It gives me great pleasure to know that someone is sharing my artwork with their lives. For that I am truly grateful.

Acquire art that makes you happy! You will be richer for it.

Last Updated on: 2024-04-25