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Whether it's "From the Prairies...or to the West Coast", landscapes are one of Susan's favourite subjects to paint.

She has organized this workshop into two days, giving the student more time to absorb the information, relax while enjoying the process.
Please Note: Students must have previous experience with acrylic paints.

Ready: Composition is key to designing a landscape. Using a slide presentation, Susan will discuss what works and what doesn’t and how to avoid obvious mistakes.

Aim: Planning and simplifying the design makes for an easy and positive transition to canvas. We will work with simple designs and then tonal studies to flush out on some of the kinks. As one of Susan's instructors told her. "If it doesn't work on paper, it's not going to work on canvas.,"

Fire: execution - let's put it all together on canvas. Starting slowly, one layer at a time, Susan will show you the process of gentle layers of paint while bringing your work to completion.

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Open Spaces
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Mountain Meadow
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Last Updated on: 2023-12-27