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Chace - our mini aussi

Early in 2019, I made the decision that this was the year that I was going to get a new puppy. I wanted to get another dog – before I was too old, as they say you should never get a dog that will outlive you.

We had a planned trip to Europe, so after getting back from Italy, we were getting our pup. I also had a quick trip to Sask. planned in October, so we decided that the breeder would keep our pup until I got back from the prairies.

On Nov. 2nd we picked up our baby. As I cuddled him and Jeff pulled out of the breeder’s farmyard, this creature began to cry. He cried and dried the whole one hour drive our home, Jeff white knuckled the steering wheel, and said “Oh My God, what have we done!!”

We named our new boy, Chace with a "C". There was no particular reason. I looked up some dog names and Jeff and I both agreed on Chace. Shortly after his final vaccinations we went into CoVid lockdown. He never had a chance to socialize with other dogs. For the next year and a half, if was just the 3 of us. We did get to chat with the neighbours from over the fence and across the street. Chace loves his neighbours, other canines - not so much.

Chace kept us sane during CoVid. He kept us on a routine as dogs live in the now. We got up in the mornings, we went for walks, and we played and played and played. He kept us grounded during a time of uncertainty and he taught us a few new tricks. 

His antics make us laugh throughout the day. He is brilliant, loyal, sensitive, sweet, gentle... on and on. And as our neighbours say, “He is the cutest dog on our block.” Well that goes without saying. Our adventures with Chace are just beginning. We can’t wait to see what an amazing dog he becomes.

A younger Chace

He is my fashion aficionado, he helps get the mail, he tells us when it’s bedtime or nap time, he keeps us on track with our meals, and he even checks up on us when you are having a bath. He enjoys gardening and helps you dig out plants, he alerts us to what the neighbours are up to.

But more importantly he gives us unconditional love, he wakes us up each morning with kisses, he is beyond loyal, he keeps us moving around the yard and in life, with mini walks, frisbee and hide n seek in the backyard and endless zoomies. He keeps us living in the now, as dogs don’t care about yesterday, they are just here and now, whether it is nap time, dinner time, or belly-rub time.

Last Updated on: 2023-12-14