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About Susan's Artwork

Susan Schaefer is a Canadian Fine Artist as well as a photographer and graphic designer. Originally from Saskatchewan, she now resides in Parksville on beautiful Vancouver Island, BC.

As a professional artist Susan works mainly in acrylic paints. Mostly self taught, she continues to grow as an artist by organizing and attending workshops from artists that she admires. Some of the Canadian artists that she considers her mentors are: Brian Buckrell, Mark Hobson and David Langevin.

I enjoy working with acrylics paints. I am a prolific painter and I appreciate how quickly acrylic paint dries, allowing me to stay focused. I can work on one section of a painting, and while it is drying, I can move onto another part. I also like the easy cleanup using soap and water, making them versatile for travel.

Her work has often been described as “colourful and bright”. Her painting ideas come from real life adventures. As she is an avid photographer, who loves to travel, there are thousands of images to choose from, often making it difficult to decide which painting to start next.

Memberships include:
Oceanside Arts Council
The Old School House Arts Centre (TOSH)
Comox Valley Arts Council
Pearl Ellis Gallery
McMillan Art Gallery

The best advice that I can give anyone is to paint for yourself. Paint from your heart and always have fun!

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