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List of Workshops

  • Beginners - acrylics

    Look at Me

    Susan offers courses for 'absolute beginners' in acrylic paints. This class is usually offered in the fall.

    Starting at the beginning, Susan will talk about

    • buy basic art supplies, what to buy,...

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  • Composition

    Baled Up

    Composition is the way in which elements of artwork are combined or arranged. A well-composed painting is clear, concise, and interesting. All the pieces will appear to work in perfect harmony....

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  • Landscapes

    Open Spaces

    Whether it's "From the Prairies...or to the West Coast", landscapes are one of Susan's favourite subjects to paint.

    She has organized this workshop into two days, giving the student more time to...

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  • Limited Palette

    Good Morning

    There is something freeing and exhilarating about working with a limited palette. It simplifies the thought process and the work tends to have more harmony as the colours flow and compliment each...

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  • West Coast Trees

    Wild and Free

    Join Susan for a fun day of painting west coast trees. She will have you looking for the shapes and patterns, while simplifying the design and exaggerating the flow and curves of the trees. Living...

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  • Exploring Florals

    Big and Bold

    This class can be held as a one day or two day workshop.

    Gardening on the west coast is almost endless. We start the year with lovely spring flowers and continue until late fall with a bright...

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Last Updated on: 2023-01-06