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Limited Palette

When working with a limited palette, the painting becomes more cohesive while also freeing at the same time. 

Using three primary colours (red, yellow and blue) plus white, Susan will show you how to create a limited palette painting. You will be amazed at how many colours, shades and nuances you can create, while limited yourself to those colours.

Susan likes to use quinacridone red - nickel azo yellow and phthalo blue in her classes, but the students can experiment with any three primary colours they like. The idea is to experiment, push the boundaries and have FUN!

Susan has been a professional artist for the past 20 years. She has taken workshops from some of Canada’s finest artist.

She has been teaching classes for over 5 years and is happy to share her knowledge, tricks, tips and passion for acrylic painting.

Susan has a fun and relaxed way of teaching, working with students at their individual level, ensuring a good learning experience for all.

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