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Artist's Talk

Welcome to Susan's Blog

In my Artist’s Talk Blog, I will talk about topics I am passionate about; art, painting, mini aussies, gardening, baking (everyone loves my muffins) and the musings of an artist’s life.

I hope you find these talks informative, educational and somewhat entertaining. They are meant as a fun conversation amongst friends over coffee.

There's a Change in the Air
Can you feel it?


The warmer days, have turned into cooler morning with plants covered in dew. There is a nip in the morning that speaks of fall. We have already had the fire place on first thing, making it cozy for our morning coffee.

Fall is knocking on our front door. I change my attire several times a day. The long pants and sweat shirts are on first thing in the morning as Chace and I greet the day in the...


Perception is described as a way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something; a mental impression. How does one person’s perception change from another?

Chace and I recently had a run-in with a neighbour’s dog. This huge dog can barrelling across from his yard and into ours, barking like a maniac while making a b-line towards my little boy. My perception of this was an absolute...

Our Salad Bar
from farm to table


This morning I was pinching some beautiful healthy greens off our plants and thinking of what a nice and delicious salad we will be having with our evening meal.

Morning conversations over our first coffee of the day are always about ‘what’s for dinner?’ Then there is the back and forth banter about, 'Oh what would like for dinner? I don't know. What would you like?" We go back and forth...

How do you Label yourself as an Artist?


I recently watched an interview of a friend and fellow artist that I admire. I noticed that he referred to himself as a ‘Practicing Artist.” I asked him why he didn’t use the term International or professional artist? As someone who has worked in the trade for many years and often has a sell-out opening night, I would call him a professional artist.

His answer was “I was never really...


As the publisher of an arts magazine I have certainly had many perks over the years. Not only have I had the great pleasure of connecting to many wonderful artists, I have also been able to organize and attend classes.

Twenty plus workshops later, I now hear the voices of my many mentors when I am creating.

Early on in my training I had the opportunity to take a class from Saskatchewan artist,...

Collecting Art for the Heart
for investment or pleasure


Some folks say to collect art for the investment, I say collect it for your heart.

What is art? Does looking at it make you happy? Does it evoke a sense of emotion? Why not include that in your living space?

We buy other things that make us happy. We go to antique stores and buy pretty little dishes, depression glass, antiques, etc. We buy pottery to enjoy, to use in our everyday life. We...


I can’t remember when I took a liking to coffee. It was most likely in my early 20’s when I joined the work force. I was working for the Alberta Government and we would take regular coffee breaks. We had a tiny little break room on the ground level of our downtown offices. There we could grab a coffee and chat with fellow workers. Not much bigger then a supply closet, we would squish in...

Do you have a vision board?
Manifesting your Vision


I had never heard of a vision board until I took a class with Ruth Payne at Hollyhock on lovely Quadra Island BC. The class I was taking was called the business of art.

One of the assignments was to make a vision board. Ruth dropped some magazines on the floor and we were to take images that we liked, use text, whatever and create a vision board. The question was where would we like to see our...